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Crystal Dream Carnival navy x brown coordination
I introduced a new color in my wardrobe with the fabulous cdc skirt. I love the combination of navy x gold, and brown also works great with both of them. Can’t wait to wear this! <3


Crystal Dream Carnival Emblem Ring - NavyAngelic Pretty 2014


Crystal Dream Carnival Emblem Ring - Navy

Angelic Pretty 2014


Cameo Window today!! (´∀`)♡


Cameo Window today!! (´∀`)♡



All co-orded up and nowhere to go! I don’t have a meetup to attend for a while but this hasn’t stopped me from putting together an outfit.

The wrist cuffs, ankle corsage, and head accessories are part of my marathon crafting session a couple weeks ago. I took inspiration from a couple BTSSB and Triple Fortune accessories. I’m particularly happy with how the head piece came out!

JSK: Angelic Pretty Symphonia Frill
Blouse: Offbrand, F21
Shoes: Bodyline
Ring: Automatic Honey
Accessories: Handmade, offbrand

Aww, beautiful coord!


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
2014 AW Coat collection


My dream dress (MM’s Perfume Bottle SK in Pink) arrived today and is still far too wrinkled from shipping for me to have any pictures that do it justice, but I’m just bursting with too much excitement not to share. This skirt is amazing and this print is so detailed and beautifully colored. I am absolutely in awe and am over the moon that I was even able to snag it! I’ll hopefully get myself together and manage to steam it and get some quality photos up on my blog a bit later this week. Until then enjoy this somewhat-wrinkled-but-no-less-beautiful print detail eye candy~ :D