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Mucha  Lolita print *.* gahhhh I’m in love!!!!! <3


Alice and the Pirates’s newest series Eldorado Eons of Time and Gear


For those who prefer laid-out co-ords, I made a layout so I could get some more of the (planned) details in.

My theme was late Medieval to early Renaissance Madonna/saint portraits, and I kind of ran with it, to the point where I now own a late Medieval (Ca. 1400s) ring, which I have been wearing with glee ever since it arrived. I haven’t decided whether to clean it up or let it remain in it’s black patina’d glory. I wore two Victorian-era petticoats (rolled up to be shorter) as underskirts to add more white to the outfit. The gold lace on the waist ties was handsewn by Linda Tea, who is magnificent.

Dress: CEL

Blouse: Vintage

Headdress: Handmade by me

Shoes: Alice and the Pirates

Socks: Putumayo

Jewellery: Ring- Etsy | Black ring- Antique | Cross- Chantilly | Spoon Bracelet- Handmade by me

Petticoats: Antique Victorian


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Twinkle Girl JSK set - I can’t wait to wear this at AWA!


I have finally put up all of the left over faux-fur hats from this past Artist Alley! Even including a few cat hats!~
You can fine them for sale !Here!


Spotlight on Lavender dresses from metamorphose


Spring “chocolate box” coordinate