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I wasn’t planning to make a bonnet this year for Anime Matsuri, but sadly the pink in my dress didn’t match any of my other bonnets so I ended up having to make a new one. ;A;)!~
I tried to keep this one simple due to time but that didn’t happen! The bow on the back is wire framed and can be adjusted a little!~ Also this year my community put together a small little thing of everyone having masks in their outfit and I used mine to place within my bonnet!~  (。・ω・。)ノ♡

For more bonnets that I’ve made you can check ‘em out Here!~


gifts and purchases from Angelic Pretty at Sakuracon~!

the Royal Unicorn notebook was given to the fashion show models and the other items in the top photo were given to brunch attendees~


when lolitas buy a lot of expensive stuff all at once, do they

spend a frillion dollars


FA O’clockworks set dress by Valandra on Flickr.


Angelic Pretty Utsunomiya: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]


Fairy across the wilderness Bunny Epicurean preview
- there will only be OP and JSK for this series
- deposit is currently estimated to be around 300
Total cost should be less than 700(no confirmed cost)
Deposit page will be open around 25th April


Krad Lanrete <3 Marie Antoinette JSK